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A Story About How I Quit Smoking By Vaping

By Bogdan Ionascu August 16, 2018

Here is how it all started…In early 2016 I was drinking a coffee and opening my second packet of cigarettes for the day, I took a smoke and lit it up. I had a drag, enjoyed it and took a sip of my coffee. But for some reason on this day the smell of cigarettes bothered me, but I like all other nicotine addicts needed my nic hit for the moment. I took another drag and looked at my fingers, and they’re yellow! Yellow and they smell like... Well you all know what the smell of tar is like on your fingers.


I kept dragging and sipping coffee and keep thinking 'man I should give this up, it’s been a good run but I’m pushing my luck, 25 cigs a day, and it’s costing me so much to keep this habit up'. I might add by this time I wasn't active anymore, I stopped working out, stopped dieting and just didn’t pay much attention. Smoking was convenient, for the mental break, for the social side of it even for the pure satisfaction.


I took another drag and I coughed phlegm into my hand, I felt utterly revolted and it wasn’t the first time this had happened so I took it as a sign. Many of my friends had quit and shifted into vaping and I wanted to do it too but it felt too hard to change, and I thought I would struggle.


This frame of mind continued until the following Saturday, same scenario but this time I looked at my packet and it was half empty. I already had some Nic Juice from a friend as he gave it to me to encourage me to vape faster. I sat and I smoked another cigarette and drank another sip of coffee, I coughed and spit phlegm out again and decided that this is D day for me. I’ve had enough!


So that very day with half a packet of cigarettes in my pocket I decided that I would lose the habit, it was all or nothing. Now by this time I had done lots of research on the subject, did my fair share of reading, so I Drove myself to the local vape shop and everyone turned and looked at me. I stunk of cigarettes and coffee, which was not a nice smell. One of the guys at the counter said, 'Boys we’ve got a green thumb, lets help him out'. Before I’d even said a word, they knew the full story and I was given devices/options in which to take of my choosing to help me beat this habit.


After spending about an hour and a half there talking to everyone and feeling better than ever, I took my first direct to lung (DTL) hit through a Sub OHM device.


It was like a world of flavour…a world of fresh breath. I could instantly see why people would try this just to quit the cancer sticks and so I stuck to it. I went home and kept vaping my ass off, until it got past the point of 'a new fad' to a better habit than my last. I stuck to my guns and kept going, of course my juice was with nicotine, however I quickly learned and saw what my body was doing coming out of all the other chemicals that were in cigarettes.


Week 1: My Skin colour changes, my face is no longer pale yellow to white. It is now back to being a normal white/olive colour.

Week 2: Food has never tasted so amazing in my life!

Week 3: My sleep has improved 100%.

Week 4: I’m starting to breathe better; my sinuses are clear 95% of the time and my body starts to eject the crap stored in my lungs

Week 5: I start running, even though I’m Vaping which is no comparison to smoking I have 10x the energy Id normally have.

Week 6: I now use my device only when I need a hit of nic, just to relax. I’ve learnt not to abuse it, I feel much more responsible.

Week 7: I buy 5 new flavours of juices with all the money I have saved from smoking and it’s a fraction of the cost.

Week 8: I throw up from someone smoking in the same car as me, that’s how much of an Impact this has had on my life!

That is how I beat it, in 2 months and there was no exceptions. I set myself up right with the right Nicotine levels, a good device and it was seamless. I started to feel effects literally from day 2.


Two years later and my nic levels have dropped from 8mg to 1mg. I have a rebuild-able atomiser with the best airflow and taste possible (subjectively speaking). I have a cool double battery mod and I have saved so much money I can’t begin to even calculate. I now vape to relax and enjoy my coffee in the morning and my health has never been better.


Here’s to vaping! I’ll never stop!

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