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We have had our story of how we quit using vaping up for some time now for everyone to read.

Now it is time for you to add your story!

Leave a comment on this blog post with your story. We know everyone here is not a story teller, so here is some tips on things to include :
1. A rough date of when you had your last cigarette

2.What your first device was and the one that actually got you to quit

3. What flavor did you find most assisting in the transition

4.What nicotine level if any you used at the start and where you are now

5.Your personal motivation for quitting

We cannot wait to hear these stories and see how far many of you have come, these stories will also help people who a new to vaping by hearing about the struggles that can happen but how much of a success it can be at the end.

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    Amber on

  • February 2018 I started my vape adventure,
    One of my partners friends introduced me to sub-ohm and DIY mixing. I started off with the aspire typhoon 100 it was very hard to vape with the new top coil that always spat so I brought a smok baby beast from there I watched 100 different videos on diy mixing (as it’s soooo much cheaper to do it yourself) and my friend was charging a lot for a 30ml bottle of his juice, so my favourite flavours that really got me off those cigarettes was any kind of fruit bubblegum or mango juice I could make! I was using 1.9ml of 100mg nic which is just over 3mg in total!.
    Now it’s almost been a year off cigarettes which I never thought I’d quit 😃

    Melissa on

  • I’d smoked for about 15 years and tried everything and failed multiple times. In May 2018 my dad calls me and mentions that he hasn’t had a single smoke in a week, well I almost fell over backwards he was a heavy smoker and had been since he was 12. Anyway he tells me he’s got a vape and it’s really working for him, I was a bit skeptic but it was working for him so I shut my mouth. But then a month later I was having drinks at my place and a couple of my close friends rock up with a vape each saying they hadn’t had a smoke in 2 weeks thanks to these devices, my friend was a also a heavyish smoker. 2 people close to me that I thought would be the last people to quit are doing it thanks to vaping. So after a couple of weeks me and husband think why not let’s give it a try, if it fails we can add it to our list of failed attempts but at least we tried. So we text our friend asking if he could recommend what we should get to start out with and he goes hang on We will come with you to the shop and help with set ups and teach us how to use it. If it wasn’t for those 2 we probably would have failed as it can be quite complex if you don’t know what you are doing. Anyway a couple of days into it we realised our mg was too high and I was struggling with the resistance of my coil in the smok stick I was using. I reverted back to smoking then my friend showed us his mod and I was introduced to the cascade baby and it was a massive game changer for me I went out and bought a cascade baby and ordered a mod. This really helped me as the mesh coils were a lot easier on my throat. I quit a couple of times for 2 weeks then would get stressed and buy a pack so I upped my mg to 4 and that was the end of it for me it was easy as after that. Have since upgraded and have 2 mods with RDAs on the go, I’m 126 days in and I will never look back. I’m breathing heaps easier, barely had to use my puffer and have so much more energy. I did not realise how much being a smoker made me stink, now my kids constantly come up to me telling me I smell beautiful and that I don’t smell yucky anymore. I have since helped 2 other people on their vaping journey and will continue to help anyone I can, because if I didn’t have the help we had from our friends we probably would have failed. Vaping has changed my life and I have so many friends to thank and also the vaping community, there is always someone there if you need help.

    Shelli on

  • I have tried quitting smoking so many times for years. Tried patches, sprays and even meds prescribe by the doc… nothing worked and made me feel worse.
    I tried a couple of cheap esmokes but that felt like nothing more than a fad.
    Almost a year ago my fiance and I were smoking near a guy that was vaping. I decided to ask if it was any good and worked to help cut down. They guy turned out to be so friendly and provided a lot of info about vape types, nicotine, mixing and how they helped him quit after 30 years of a pack a day smoking.
    We decided to give it a try and purchased a very cheap vape. We still smoked but alternating between smokes and vape.

    As time went on we knew we needed to give up the smokes completely. Thankfully the vaping community online and around town is very supportive. So much info and guidance can be found especially in stores like this one!!!
    We purchased a better starter kit and found out what using a good kit really can do in regards to feel and taste. We started on higher nicotine mixes but now we are down to 1mg!
    We have been smoke free for 140 days today. The money saved has been drastic but most importantly we are so much healthier! I’m not coughing my lungs up every morning, running around with the kids isn’t short lived anymore. One huge thing that I didn’t truly realize until now was the smell!!! A work mate whom sits next to me still smokes and I can’t stand it. I’m trying to get him into vaping. So far I’ve helped 6 people quit smoking by sharing my experience and showing them what vaping is like. Now we talk about different set ups and flavors instead of coughing at each other.

    It’s a life changing experience. I’m not ever going back to smokes again. The other half and I are very thankful for the people in the vaping world. If only the pollies and health agencies could see then benefits and stop looking at the tax on smokes.

    Quit smoking and vape!

    Adam on

  • I had a failed attempt in 2017 , had a weird little pen I dont even remember the name now … went back to smokes due to going on holiday and we were not prepared . Throughout 2018 the want to switch to vaping grew higher . I was keeping myself awake with the whistling everytime I took a breath , walking 2 blocks felt like 10km . Running around with the kids had me puffed within a minute , I started to hate smokes so much but i couldn’t stop! The habit had me and i failed everytime i tried to go cold Turkey .finally in December 2018 we got some coils and juice… yeah they were duds but I stuck to it to be able to afford more juice and coils..
    The device that helped me quit was my old tarot nano from my last attempt in 2017 but it hasnt been touched since I got my wotofo profile and pulse x , I’m enjoying my flavours from clouded visions , juice cartel and hoots to name a few . These flavors are much better than any I had tried in 2017 ! Ahh yeah I’m never going back to the stinkers !.

    I’m currently trying to get my aunt set up and I’m hoping to help my mum make the switch shortly , my brother is interested aswell .. I hope they all switch and enjoy feeling healthier just like me !.

    We are not far in , I’m doing 6mg salts in my profile and 12-24 mg in my breeze 2 for the mornings and nights and just when I need that extra hit if I haven’t vaped in a few hours.

    Em Ryman on

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