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A story of two guys swapping the cigarettes to Vape! - ‘That smells awesome man, what flavour is it?’

From full time smokers to full time flavour artists. We went from the basic ecig to choosing 100’s of flavours of e-juice to try out and vape. So much flavour that you get lost in it all because there is so many. Not to mention choosing and customising our mods, coils and the way we wick. A story of two friends, one who converted the other and convinced him that there is a better way to do it than to just keep smoking.

You start to vape and everyone asks the questions. Typically you will get this all the time but you'll eventually convert a few along the way without even trying. I personally think its the aroma and mystique of holding a an awesome ecig in your hand and well just doing your thing. So there I was at my friends house, let's call him Adam. And well were being nerds, talking about PCs games and whatever else have you under the sun. And well as we know most people who smoke or vape, also love to do it socially more than anything. You spark up a conversation, well you spark up a vape break. Anyway, little did we know this would actually be the inception of ‘Vape Break’ and the start of a new journey.

Adam typically looks at me and says ‘What flavour is that?’. At the time I was somewhere between a minty watermelon and a watermelon cucumber. I blow out a massive cloud from my RDA and fill up the the tank again and tell him what I got. He sit there and sparks up his smoke and looks at me, now by this point I can see he is intrigued I ask some simple questions. ‘Have you tried to Vape before?’ in response I get ‘Yeah man I got a small ecig inside but it didn't quite work for me’. Now by this time I notice he really chugging down the smoke and I can see he's a heavy smoker, lucky for him I had very high nic juice at that time.

‘Here man take a hit, see how you feel, you'll probably love the flavour’. I watch him be intrigued by this and he responds with ‘all ecig are the same, waste of time and money no one quits off that’. I sit and laugh and shut my mouth and keep blowing clouds round his house and out the back of his place where we sit to chill out for a break or two.

By this time I can see he is intrigued and he wants to try, I load up my vape again with some nice fresh e-juice that came that actual day in my vape mail and well I go at it again as I feel the need for a hit. Finally he admits ‘Man that does actually smell sick, let me try it’.

He blows a massive cloud from the Vape and he tries again, and again, and again.
This guy is hooked. And before you know it, one sunny day in Melbourne Australia I watch him throw out his packet of cigarettes and he's got his own vape, plenty of e-juice and well he's almost running circles around me. And before I know it, we are trading e-juice, were trading ideas about vaping and flavour combos and the long arguments what setup is the best and where that damn sweet spot is on our e-juice as it evaporates off your coil.

Before you know it a year has passed and were not looking back, we have plenty of mods from your basic ecig to your big nasty cloud chaser vape.

Finally, we now run the first Australia E-Juice subscription service!

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